Bhojpuri Holi Songs Link

Hey guys, I am listing some famous holi bhojpuri list which is most popular among people.
As you all know bihari holi have its own identity, people also calls it "Kurta far holi". Many of people say "Dewar Bhauji holi" . And few of them says "Siya ram holi". So we could say that every one which is belonging for a categories have its own name.

If will talk about location, there are many holi categories are there in  bihar.

  • Maithili Holi: Popular among the Purwanchal who belong from Samastipur, Darbhanga, Katihar, Sitamarhi and more.
  • Maghiyha Holi: Popular among the Maghaiya people.
  • Bhojpuriya Holi:  Popular among the people who speak bhojpuri like Patna, Ara, Buxar, Sasaram and more.

As for as age is concern people used to play holi among same and intra age.

  • Family holi.
    • Children (brother, sister, mummy)` play holi among family.
    • Mummy and Papa Holi.
    • Dada and Dadi Holi.
    • Chacha and chachi Holi.
    • Mummy and Chacha Holi.
    • Jija and Sali Holi.
      • Jija used to go his Sasural in this occasion to enjoy holi with Sali.
  • Friend Holi
    • Among students boy to boy.
    • Boy to girls.
    • Girls to girls.
    • Langotiya Yar wala Holi.
    • Budhwa holi.
  • Named holi
    • Kurta far holi
    • Kichar holi
    • Mobil holi
    • Kela rash holi
    • Abir holi
    • Bhang holi
    • Piyakr toli holi
    • Hurdang holi
    • Emotional holi
    • Murga and mutton holi
    • Phur holi

Friends it was just a small notes of bhojpuriya holi, now giving you link of hot holi songs. Hope you enjoy all listed bhojpuri holi songs.

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